• 2 Zaisu on Tatami
    2 Kimono fabric Zabuton cushions with Zaisu chairs on Tatami mats.
  • Traditional Tatami room
    Our traditional tatami room complete with tokonoma, kakejiku scroll, floral arrangement, and low dining table.
  • Antique hallway
    Antique hallway
  • Smaller item display
    Many of our smaller items such as incense, sachets, obi, pillows are on display.
  • Koi fishpond
    Koi fishpond
  • Furoshiki pillow display
    Wall of furoshiki pillows
  • Kimono Rack
    Our collection of vintage Kimono and Haori.
  • Double size futon bed
    Double size futon bed with pillows. Above artwork is a 4-panel handpainted byobu with “enso” or circle of enlightenment
  • Japanese incense display
    Japanese incense display area featuring Nippon Kodo incense and unique burners
  • Antique gold leaf byobu
    Antique gold leaf byobu with scene of imperial court. 1940’s bold calligraphy byobu
  • Tabletop fountain display
    Smaller tabletop fountain display
  • Japanese lighting display
    Classic Japanese lighting display with gold leaf antique byobu screen in background
  • Tabletop Display
    Occasionally, we find some beautiful vases, antique boxes, or dolls for our table top display.
  • Right inside the front door
    Right inside our front door, you will find 3 futon displays and our tatami room.
  • Special Kimono fabrics
    This is a quick glimpse of our very special Kimono fabrics.

Japanese Futon Beddings